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Machining units

Recess milling unit

For milling recesses up to 
35 mm diameter, also for machining outside diameters

unité bf
usinage bf
Undercutting-recess milling unit

Application as for recess milling unit but, however, with undercutting possibility 
(0,2 mm)

unité br
usinage br
Passage milling unit

For milling passages up to 
15 mm long at any chosen angle

unité pa
usinage pa
Circular arc milling unit

Milling circular arcs up to 180° at any chosen angle within 360° and up to radius 15 mm

unité c
usinage pc
Horizontal milling unit

With horizontal and transverse strokes for milling entrées, parting off lugs, side milling and drilling

unité uh
usinage uh
Horizontal-vertical unit

For milling, drilling and tapping operations simultaneous from 2 sides

Contour milling unit

For milling all shapes within 20 x 20 mm

unité cm
usinage cm
Surface milling unit

For surface milling plates, bridges, etc. with a working radius of up to 25 mm

unité r
usinage r